Sailing Club Manager provides multi-faceted solutions
Sailing Club Manager (SCM) is a user-friendly online club and membership management tool for UK sailing clubs, yacht clubs and class associations of any size. This includes all clubs ranging from small volunteer-run clubs on inland lakes and waterways to larger clubs with full time managers, permanent and seasonal staff.
Being in the business of helping Clubs communicate with existing members and with potential members it is great to see SCM now starting to be adopted by clubs around the world.
Closer to home, Banbury Sailing Club is located at Boddington Reservoir, near Byfield, Northamptonshire but which also draws sailors from Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.
Banbury SC website: a clean, modern interface for the Club and its members.
Banbury Sailing Club was managing the running of the club using a combination of software products including spreadsheets, personal e-mail accounts, a WordPress website and the specialist software “Dutyman”. This Club, as with so many sailing clubs, is run by volunteers and the workload to tie everything up between these systems was increasing – as were the expectations of the members.

Reasons for the move to SCM:

According to Duncan Syme, responsible for Club Marketing, a key reason for bringing SCM on board was that:
We were looking for a product that could reduce the time our officers of the club were spending on administering the club, to allow them to focus more time on the activities of the club. After a search of the marketplace it was clear that Sailing Club Manager could achieve this for us and no other system was a ‘one stop shop’.”
Racing on Boddington Reservoir.
Sailing Club Manager has not only fulfilled the Club’s needs to reduce overall administration time, but it has exceeded expectations in ways they had not considered.
Having records of both current and past members in the system, has enabled the Club to have accurate and up to the minute reports on its membership and means thery can still keep in touch with those members who (for whatever reason) haven’t renewed their membership, should they still wish.
SCM is helping the Club communicate more efficiently & effectively with its wide-ranging membership about all its activities both on & off the water.
The mailings to members has ‘professionalised’ the Club’s communication to its membership and they can quickly view how many people have seen the important communications they have sent out.
The Club’s website allows for all club activities to be seen and for people to book events direct – no more illegible names scribbled on a sheet at the sailing club! The duty system, linked to the membership database, means they can swiftly and easily loop new members into the duty rota.
Banbury SC’s Youth section is using the event management processes to understand expected numbers to each session (through bookings) and to manage the attendance of the right number of instructors (through the duty rota). This allows the organisers to know how many boats to get ready and how many instructors are needed, i.e. not over (or under) staffing and they don’t need to send anyone away on the day – this is particularly important as they draw their membership (inc instructors) from a wide travel radius.
Boddington Reservoir.
Expanding usage:
The Sailing Club Manager system has additional functionality that wasn’t originally required, including boat park management, race / event administration, racing results and online payment of invoices.
The more of these ‘out of the box’ functions we use, the more benefit we get out of the system and so Sailing Club Manager is becoming invaluable to the running of the Club,” comments Syme.

Enquiries to:
Mr Jeremy Pocock
+44 (0) 7973 155121
+44 (0) 1983 241615




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