The Hudson Wight Affiliate Scheme for Sailing Clubs & Class Associations – it simply makes sense

Introducing the Hudson Wight Affiliate Scheme for Sailing Clubs, Class Associations and other sailing-related organisations 

With 600+ sailing clubs, class associations, sailing schools and associated organisations actively working to promote the sport of sailing around the UK, it may strike some people as strange that the vast majority don’t sell sailing clothing to their members, customers or visitors. Enter Hudson Wight, from Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

Hudson Wight is the latest brand of performance sailwear to enter the technical end of the clothing market and the company is providing a simple and effective framework whereby sailing related organisations can benefit financially from the sale of specialist clothing to their members and friends, without holding stock.

The Hudson Wight Affiliate Scheme is being rolled out across the UK and is targeted at all sailing related organisations including sailing clubs, yacht clubs, class associations, sailing schools and charter companies, offering them an entirely new source of revenue. At a time when increasing membership numbers and maintaining profitability is a struggle, this scheme is already proving to be a hit.  

Pin it to the Club’s noticeboard and spread the word.

Providing an important new revenue stream

In the sporting arena, sailing is an exception to the rule when it comes to its clubs not usually stocking and retailing specialist and performance clothing. As Hudson Wight’s Managing Director, Jamie Scrimgeour, states:

Sailing Clubs are at the centre of everything that happens in the sailing world and they invest massive resources – both manpower and finance – into opening up the sport to more enthusiasts and helping to make it safer and more enjoyable for all participants. Furthermore, most sailors are members of clubs or visit them regularly as guests. Despite this dominant position in the sport it is very rare for clubs to sell the requisite kit and that just doesn’t make sense.”

All the established clothing brands are locked into their existing retail relationships and so cannot sell direct to customers at manufacturers’ prices. The market is therefore crying out for a new and inspiring brand to take a new “Direct Only” approach and provide sailing clubs with the opportunity to use their position in the market to gain a fair share of the revenue available from the sale of sailing kit.

Sailing clubs can’t be expected to stock expensive kit themselves and so very few do, but online retail solutions and next day delivery ensure that they don’t need to. Hudson Wight is doing all the stocking and fulfilment on behalf of its Affiliates who then make a useful 15% commission for no capital outlay and no risk.

In addition, members and friends of Affiliates get at least 10% off on Hudson Wight’s website,, incentivising them to direct their purchases through the Affiliate Scheme, thus supporting their favoured Affiliate.

For details of the Hudson Wight product range and information about the Hudson Wight Affiliate Scheme visit or telephone: +44 (0)1983 300 144 for more information.


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