DrySail™ by VersaDock targets the sports & sail boat sector Stand: E140 / Tullett Prebon London Boat Show


The clue is in the name.  DrySail™ by VersaDock has been designed and engineered specifically for the modern-day lifting keelboat market; a revolutionary system that ensures the boat is kept, and can be maintained, 100% out of the water.  This innovative system is built on the proven VersaDock Drive-on Docking System. There’s more detail about this at http://www.versadock.com.

The DrySail in situ, in action, hosting a J70. Photo: VersaDock

The DrySail in situ, in action, hosting a J70. Photo: VersaDock

The DrySail™ System being launched at the 2013 European Boat Shows, including the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show (12-20 Jan) and Boot Dusseldorf (19-27 Jan), shows it in use with the high-octane J/70 sports boat, also being exhibited at the London Boat Show however, it will also suit, for example, other sports boat designs such as the SB20 and the B/One by Bavaria. The London Boat Show model displayed on the Key Yachting stand #G145 (right next to VersaDock) shows the J/70 parked on a DrySail™ dock.


General Enquiries:Chris Wilson, Managing Director VersaDock International Ltd Mob: +44 (0) 7817 965 672

Email: chris@versadock.com



About VersaDockVersaDock began creating modular floating dock systems back in 1997. The company focused its early attention on commercial and residential applications. Realising the growing potential of the Drive-on docking market, the team spent several years working on a safe design that would both protect the watercraft and allow the driver to approach and dock the boat in a very controlled manner. Existing systems on the market at the time were neither fully safe nor practical and they wanted to get it right!

In 2004, VersaDock released its patented V-Float technology that allowed it to create safe and controlled drive-on docking systems for most small and mid-sized boats. Their design focused on customer safety and the result is quite different than any other solutions in the marketplace.

In 2006 they launched their new double floats which radically changed the design of the docks and allowed expansion into new markets. The two double floats gave VersaDock significant advantages in terms of price as well as performance.



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