Beware the rogue shark. Knowledge is power.

Regrettably TRUST can so easily fly right out of the window in this buddy BUDDY social media & networking environment

Something to watch out for in these rather extraordinary times of social media and networking where friends, colleagues, peers and/or total strangers want to ‘BEFRIEND’ you and ‘LIKE’ you and then trawl through your contacts and communicate very freely and, sometimes quite intimately with you, is falling into the trap of another ‘professional’ or interested party taking a keen interest in you and your particular area of expertise and then basically ‘RIPPING YOU OFF’.

We must bear in mind of course that it is entirely up to us  – IT IS OUR CHOICE – whether we decide to befriend, or like these people, colleagues, friends, strangers, requesting to tap into our private and business networks, our private and business worlds. After all, we have the choice to IGNORE them or to LET THEM IN!

Once bitten twice shy

There’s nothing new about devious individuals operating in every type of business arena and almost certainly each of us has a story to tell either about our own mishap or lack of judgement in a business environment, or we know someone else who has fallen into a ‘TRAP’, been gullible, taken in, been HUMAN!  Most of us are by nature quite trusting and sadly can be extraordinarily naive…that is until we’ve been bitten!

The ‘scheister’ will make an approach – either using email or on the phone – have a perfectly normal conversation with you, probably try a bit of flattery about your business acumen, your reputation and how many people have recommended you and tell you that whatever it is that you’re able to supply is JUST THE JOB! Eventually they agree your terms – maybe even in an email.  He, she, has agreed to pay you for your time and skill set on a specific project, communicates with you to make the project happen, utilises your ideas and then, when it comes to paying the invoice, disappears off the face of the earth!

Not only do they not pay you as they said they would but if they won’t communicate with you at all, what on earth can you do other than chalk it up to experience and make sure everyone in your industry knows who they are and ensures that they are avoided like the plague? You could get a lawyer involved but it’s expensive and time consuming and if the ‘scheister’ is operating abroad and you’re in the UK, it makes it even more complicated for you to hunt them down and confront them.

Knowledge is power

For some sensible, easy to undertand and up to date advice and facts to add to your armoury and hopefully avoid being bitten in the future, have a read of this:


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