A NOD AT THE YOD: Yarmouth One Design owners launch the Class Centenary

Yarmouth One Design owners launch the Class Centenary

This month saw the start of the Yarmouth One Design (YOD) Class Centenary celebrations with the official launch taking place over the early May bank holiday weekend, including a very successful Open Day in Yarmouth on Sunday 2nd May.

The Yarmouth One Design - on a revival mission

The concept behind producing this small but perfectly formed class of boats was initially instigated in 1910 by Sir Arthur Cope, RA, a famous portrait painter of the Royal Family who was class captain from its foundation until 1935 and commodore of the Solent Yacht Club from 1926 to 1934. (Royal status was awarded in 1947.)  The boats were designed by Henry Longmore, and of the total of 13 launched, 11 were built by Theo Smith in Yarmouth just before and after the First World War and two in the 1920s by Woodnutts at St. Helens.

A group of highly dedicated YOD owners, now led by their Class Captain, naval architect Chris Temple, is using the Centenary to help further promote the Class and to ensure that all the existing YODs are cared for and raced from late April to late September on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Of the total of 13 YODs ever built, two left the Class in the early years and two sank while racing, leaving nine surviving when the Class was disbanded in 1970. Most of them stayed in the Solent area and thanks to the enthusiasm and perseverance of their present owners over a period of several years, they have all returned to the Royal Solent YC.

Classic Boat Magazine is keen to follow your story if you are interested in starting out on this process as a YOD novice and follow you as you rise through the ranks to the head of the fleet.

Anyone interested in crewing or indeed in purchasing a YOD should, in the first instance, contact the YOD Class Captain Chris Temple on +44 (0)1983 760947 or email: chris@christemple.wanadoo.co.uk

A further note from me: There is a Class website that is going to be re-vamped if I have my way! The Class is doing all it can to look after its few existing owners and to attract a younger audience to help crew the boats. They aren’t built anymore so it is vital that the existing nine are well maintained and that a new generation is attracted to race and help a revival of interest in these lovely yachts. Please spread the word if you live in or around Yarmouth, Isle of Wight or head down that way at weekends.

The Class is holding a Junior Helm Day on Sunday 18th July and I’ve suggested they try and get a couple of well-known sailing ‘names’ along to hold  a Master Class; also to get some professional ‘names’ involved in the Class outing at the Cowes Classic Week when they will race on the Monday (July 19) for the Anniversary ‘Victoria’ Cup to be presented by the Royal London YC to any class celebrating an anniversary. I think that one might be ‘in the bag’ for the YODs.

There should be some PR coming out shortly in both Y&Y and Classic Boat, so keep an eye out.

If you want more info about the YODs, check out the website at http://www.yod.org.uk


2 responses to “A NOD AT THE YOD: Yarmouth One Design owners launch the Class Centenary

  1. Great to see these classes being revived. They give excellent racing – just look at the famous old hands who now top the XOD fleet. Hope you can attract a few old names to the YODs, and some keen young ones, too.

  2. Thanks Mike! We have some ideas to help pull in a younger audience.

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