TRANSGLOBE: Challenger suffers mast track problem. Short statement given.

A short holding statement has been issued today, Friday 12th Feb, 2010 by the Exercise TRANSGLOBE Project Officer, Squadron Leader Neil Cottrell:

Challenger (Army) was approximately 300 nm East of the Chatham Islands yesterday (Thursday 11 Feb) when the skipper, Becky Walford, reported that the mainsail mast track has lifted from the mast for a distance of about 3m in the area of the top shroud fitting.  This damage prevents the mainsail from being hoisted fully and so they will need to effect repairs.  Both Adventure (Royal Navy) and Discoverer (RAF) converged on Challenger’s position and a transfer of spares and tools to make good the damage has been completed. The skippers of Adventure and Discoverer have checked their own mast tracks and have turned Eastwards to resume the passage to Montevideo.

“Becky has a number of options now to complete the repairs that could include making for a sheltered anchorage in the Chatham Islands.  She has all the necessary tools and spares to replace the damaged section of mast track and will advise the Project Office on her progress over the next few days.  We will keep all our supporters up to date on Challenger’s situation as soon as we get details from her skipper.”



One response to “TRANSGLOBE: Challenger suffers mast track problem. Short statement given.

  1. Hope you get the problem sorted, Challenger. Watching your progress and wishing you all well

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