How many shows can we stand & how many stands can we show?

The article below is re-printed from today’s IBI website.

It reveals that whilst talking up some big expansion plans for the London Boat Show by 2014 (what about the interim 2010 – 2013 and making sure that the space that is already there is filled appropriately?), the Show organisers are also saying that the 2010 show feedback from exhibitors included comments about it lacking features and marketing. So now they think it might be a good idea to add on special interest shows during the two weekends  – presumably to help fill space and make the whole idea of spending hours getting to and from the show more attractive to visitors. Oh, and maybe they’ll move it from January (‘cos it’s so cold and miserable and everyone’s knackered and the transport system grinds to a halt if it snows etc).

The British Leisure Show is – with any luck –  on course for success

I recall that these negative aspects are pretty much what the ‘new’ Earls Court Boat Show organiser James Brooke finally recognised after two years of putting on a struggling (& competing) boat show at Earls Court –  which is why he and his team decided not to run the Sail, Power & Watersports Show at Earls Court again last November and is instead putting a massive team effort into an attractive, packed and fun-filled three days out for the family at their British Leisure Show in Windsor, at the Racecourse in March (19-21)!

Check out their website – it really does look like a fabulous day has been laid on for everyone encompassing all ages and all interests. I really hope they do well.

My feeling, for what it is worth, is that we should have a fabulous BOAT SHOW BONANZA, a festival of all things boating in Southampton – adjacent to and on the water at Mayflower Park in March or September! And does it have to be so long? Seven days would surely be enough to warrant the effort made by companies in exhibiting in the first place and guarantee a return on investment, wouldn’t it? I am interested to hear views on this!

London boat show prepares for growth as ExCeL expands

By IBI Magazine

National Boat Shows (NBS), organiser of the London International Boat Show, is looking forward to growth as venue ExCeL expands its facilities with the marine event in mind.

A £165m development will see 40 per cent more space added to the ExCeL Centre in London’s Docklands, including a 4,500m2 dropped floor area designed for ease of access for boats. The new facilities will be opened in spring 2010.

NBS expects LIBS to be able to fill 90,000m2 of space at ExCeL by 2014. “In 2007, at the peak of the market, demand outstripped space by 40 per cent,” says Andrew Williams, managing director of NBS. “A return to this level will fill 90,000m2.”

The organiser is also considering moving LIBS from its traditional January slot. An announcement will be made in March to confirm the details of the 2011 show.

NBS is also looking at the possibility of using the extra space at ExCeL to run parallel special interest shows over the two weekends of the boat show’s 10-day run. Potential subjects include fishing and watersports.

For 2010 NBS offered exhibitors reduced rates, cutting 20 per cent from previous stand prices for early enlisters. The organiser says that with hindsight, the lowest possible prices were possibly not what the industry needed.

“Some exhibitors approached us saying that we should have charged them more and invested more in marketing and features,” says Williams.

“We want to make LIBS the number one show in terms of visitors per square metre and exhibitor feedback,” he says.


2 responses to “How many shows can we stand & how many stands can we show?

  1. Yeh this year is not going to be an easy one. With the economy so low people are cutting back in areas like marketing. I personally think this is the best time to market.

  2. The growth of the Southampton Boat Show seems to confirm that shows with an on-the-water aspect and easy access give good value to both exhibitors and visitors.

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