The proud recipients of the wonderfully named ‘Oggin Cup’

Check out the pride of Great Britain representing the forces in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, the three Exercise TRANSGLOBE skippers with the Oggin Cup!

Proud holders of the Oggin Cup

Becky Walford started her New Year on a high as the skipper of Exercise TRANSGLOBE’s RAF yacht, Discoverer that was awarded the Oggin Cup for beating her rival Navy and Army yachts in the recently successfully completed Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. The Oggin Cup inter-services trophy was presented to Becky and her crew by the CYCA (Cruising Yacht Club of Australia). Becky was also awarded the Jane Tate Memorial Trophy, awarded to the first woman skipper on corrected time.


Sgt Darren ‘Windy’ Gale MBE, Skipper Challenger of Hornet (ARMY)

Becky Walford, Skipper Discoverer of Hornet (RAF)

Cdr RN Richard Tarr , Skipper Adventure of Hornet (NAVY)

Photo credit: ROLEX/Daniel Forster


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