Issued: 5th January 2010

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T: 01590 679621 or M: 07711 477707

Hobart – Auckland 1500nm

The Disco dancers

Becky Walford starts her New Year on a high as the skipper of Exercise TRANSGLOBE’s RAF yacht, Discoverer that was awarded the Oggin Cup for beating her rival Navy and Army yachts in the recently successfully completed Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. The Oggin Cup inter-services trophy was presented to Becky and her crew by the CYCA (Cruising Yacht Club of Australia). Becky was also awarded the Jane Tate Memorial Trophy, awarded to the first woman skipper on corrected time.

Becky steered Discoverer (RAF) to the Hobart finish line in 04:08:43:44.
Adventure of Hornet (Navy) completed the Sydney Hobart Race in 04:14:00:25.
The 3rd Transglobe yacht Challenger of Hornet (Army) finished the Sydney Hobart Race in 04:15:32:55.

A couple of hours after arriving in Hobart, Becky commented, “The atmosphere on the dock was brilliant with boats everywhere and folks following our story. Tales of battles unfolded and many were kind of surprised to hear that we started the race with the number one yankee and the staysail and didn’t even unhank them for other sails. (We had to lug the number one gen around even though we aren’t rated for it!). The Army and Navy had only put the kite up once, and they had to beat up the river to get in! Not so for the good ship Disco!

A new set of crews and skippers has set off at 0745 GMT from Hobart on the latest Leg, 7 out of 13, heading for Auckland, New Zealand. They are expected to arrive on or around 14th January.

Keep up to date via the tracking and blogs at


Notes to Editors:
After the completion of Leg 7, a mere 1500 nm, the following Leg 8 is the longest of the entire year’s Exercise taking the yachts from Auckland to Montevideo, a distance of 6,300 nm.

The crew blogs are being uploaded to the official website but the crews are very restricted in the bandwidth and air time they can use, limited to two data bursts per week. It also means that crews cannot send photographs via the Iridium system, but they will be captured and posted on the website after they reach their next stopover.

The aim of TRANSGLOBE is to provide members of all three British Armed Forces with the opportunity to develop their personal qualities and team skills in a challenging environment that will test their physical and mental stamina, their courage and help them develop self confidence and powers of leadership.  Every other leg is being used as an adventurous training exercise whilst the emphasis on the alternate legs will be to encourage a spirit of Corinthian competition between the Services.

The Exercise re-affirms to members of the Armed Forces and the wider public that the Armed Forces are committed to the personal development of every sailor, soldier and airman, regardless of rank or gender, to reach their full potential.  It also serves as a demonstration of the superb Adventurous Training opportunities and facilities available to all service personnel throughout their careers.

Offshore sailing is arguably the most demanding environment in which personnel can test their mental and physical toughness by getting the best out of their boat to arrive safely at their destination. Exercise TRANSGLOBE has the honour of the Royal patronage of HRH The Duke of York, and the full support of the Service Chiefs.

Stage 11 in May 2010 is between Antigua and Charleston and each yacht will include crew who are recovering from wounds received in recent military operations and some medical support staff, all from Hedley Court and the Help for Heroes initiative.  Individuals may have lost limbs in combat but they are determined to prove themselves as effective members of their respective crews in all respects.  On arrival at Charleston they will be conducting joint land based Adventurous Training with members of the US Forces Wounded Warrior programme.


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