Jon Nash is back!

Jon Nash is back behind the lens

I can’t show you any of his pictures here (haven’t had time to seek the necessary permissions to be honest) but the ace yachting and adventure sports photographer JON NASH (Nashers) is back and shooting superb images again after a long recovery from a serious motorbike accident that nearly put paid to him ever returning to his once bountiful career.  Jon was and still is one of the best there is. He has been ‘away’ for a while but he’s back and I’m proud to be able to do whatever I can to help him promote his skills.

Jon has announced on his Facebook page to customers old and new that he’s back in action and ready to shoot! He has kicked off his new season with a prestigious shoot for Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie and his sponsors.

One of Jon’s images has just been chosen as one of the best sport images from 2009 by the Press agency – AFP.  It shows Lloyd Pennicik from Australia competing in the Redbull X Alps 2009.

Jon and Dean Treml from the newly formed press agency 3+ provided the photography for the extreme Redbull event which involved the world’s best paragliders on one of the hardest endurance races on earth.

A cut above the rest

Jon’s passion for the sea and the outdoors is clearly expressed through his images. His understanding of and love for the sports he specialises in capturing is an obvious advantage when it comes to getting that extraordinary, ‘one in a million’ shot. Jon is used to taking the same risks as the professional sportsmen and women he works alongside to make sure that the client gets a unique portfolio of shots that is a cut above the rest.

I love my job, the sea, the outdoors, the thrill – it gives me the opportunity to take part in life’s adventures, in environments where few would dare to tread. Creatively photography offers me a platform to convey with clarity genuine feelings in exhilarating, adrenaline fuelled situations,” says Nash.

Jon Nash has worked with many of the most prestigious brands marketing themselves within the yacht racing market today.  His dedication to sailing and the pursuit for the ultimate sailing image has netted Jon clients of the highest calibre including the winning ABN Amro team in a previous edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.  During his 17 years working at the top of the profession, he has also undertaken commissions for Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Champagne G.H. Mumm, BT, the Camel Trophy, Helly Hansen, Musto and Ecover.

Nash has sailed to the extremes of our planet in pursuit of the ultimate sailing images.  He was selected to capture Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s return to the Arctic on his Greenland expedition with Sir Chris Bonnington. He was the photographer chosen by rock star Simon Le Bon to record Drum’s Fastnet anniversary race. He has sailed to Antarctica on Skip Novak’s Pelagic for the first known snowboarding expedition and has battled beside yacht racing crews in the Southern Ocean as well as endured thousands of miles in the world’s most inhospitable seas with the world’s best sailors, including the late great Sir Peter Blake. Jon is a born adventurer with the ability to draw the viewer in.

In addition to his superb photographic skills, Jon’s industry links and his ability to advise, plan and execute a successful photographic campaign really sets him apart from his peers, delivering maximum return for the most challenging of client briefs.

Review some of his best-known works, familiarise yourself with the work of Jon Nash and the man behind the lens at


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