No sign of swine flu yet but Boat Show fever has struck

I will be at the London Boat Show (at ExCel) on Press Day, Friday 8th January. I am busy first thing with a big breakfast press briefing until around 11am and will then take to the aisles for a catch-up and bump into session with colleagues, clients, friends and doubtless one or two ex-clients. Yes I’m preparing all the written material, and scripting etc but hey that’s what I do..but.I’m so glad I don’t work in an agency environment anymore having to deal with 15-20 clients all exhibiting at one show, all needing a minimum of 50 press kits, each one containing anything from 1-5 press releases and images on CDs, on memory sticks etc. Oh, and then there are the on-stand product launches to arrange. All one does is worry about whether the press that you invited weeks ago will bother to turn up. And if they do they’ll probably be drunk (and late) having been well watered at the last eight events before mine!  We used to do all our releases on paper, and were sticking captions onto photographs (prints) at 2 in the morning and running off final releases and stuffing folders. Horror story.

I had to write my Scorpion RIBs preview materials for January’s Dusseldorf Boat Show way back, then update them again this month for the press kits, METS was in November, Paris last week. It’s all gone a bit mad. I rely on calendar alarms. I need lists. I need my head examined!

If anyone’s around at ExCel and wants to say hello, please feel free to contact me in advance through the usual channels. It is such a great networking opportunity although Press Day is always frantic with the myriad of PR people trying to spend time with journalists. I try and do all that beforehand so I don’t have to worry whether I see an editor or not. They are all so tied up with product launches and announcements etc & the last thing they want are more PR people bending their ears!  It would be good to have some fun while I’m there rather than having to work TOO hard ALL day!

Off to kick some leaves around with Ollie. Brrrr.


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