TRANSGLOBE: Preparing for Leg 5 – Perth to Sydney

Phil Brown is one of the three skippers on Leg 5 of Exercise Transglobe and will be in charge of the RAF yacht, HMSTV Discoverer, for the relatively short hop from Perth across to Sydney. We are expecting the yachts to leave Perth on or around 24th November.

I have requested a photo of Phil, but nothing has yet been forthcoming and he’s now in transit to Australia. If anything comes through, I’ll add it.

The 5th Leg is a relatively short stage of a year-long, 13-leg adventurous sail training exercise that rehabilitates, restores and revitalises its crew members, many of whom are  complete sailing novices, and many of whom have only very recently returned from serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Some individuals will, on their return to the UK, be deployed to Operation Hellick; hence why many of those on board can only manage a short spell away to undertake some AT (Adventurous Training) prior to returning to active duty.

Here are some facts about Phil, as provided by Phil:

Born Nov 11, 1960 I joined the British Army in 1981, under the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.  My trade was an Aircraft Engineer and this took me to many countries mainly throughout europe.  in 2002, i was commissioned into the Army Air Corps where i served with 1 Regiment Army Air Corps under a variety of managerial positions.

One of the roles was to be a Project Officer for the Army Air Corps as they organised a series of events to cover their 50th anniversary.  The event I oversaw was a 10 leg sailing exercise which took a Challenge 67 yacht around the world.  The exercise started in July 2006 and took 12 months to complete, involving 140 serving soldiers from across the Army Air Corps.  I took part in the last leg from Boston to the UK.

In 2007 I successfully attended an interview for a position as a permanent staff skipper with the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (in Gosport) and began my current job in June 2008.  In that time I have sailed over 10,000 miles aboard either a Challenge 67 or a Nicholson 55.  I was one of the skippers on Leg 2 of TRANSGLOBE which took the fleet from the Canary Islands to Rio, a trip of 4200 miles and I am currently programmed in to take part on leg 12, Charleston to Boston.

I am married to Alison and have 2 daughters Jaime Louise and Samantha Jayne, all of whom will be joining me in Sydney to spend Xmas and the New Year in Australia.”


I’ll be posting another news release as soon as the yachts actually depart from Perth as well as taking a quick look at the first of two bona fide racing legs, the Rolex Sydney-Hobart race that starts on Boxing Day, 26th December 2009.


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