TRANSGLOBE: Perth’s on the chartplotter!

Latest from the Navy yacht HMSTV Adventure and a terrific image take on board HMSTV Challenger

28th Oct – Well we have got through another storm, we still have the seas with us but the wind has dropped and we have had some good spells of sunshine today, and again the boat is drying out. Lots of personal bests going on with helming speeds, as we had the wind and waves from the West. Driving a 45 tonne surfboard down 60 foot waves is an exciting experience for some!! We hope that will be the worst of the weather, but the cynic in me thinks it won’t be!

Viv is disappointed that she didn’t set off her life jacket yesterday when Feet decided the boat wasn’t dry enough for his liking, I’ll let him spin the dit! Although Feet, Kat and Steve C all added one to their tally. There are some onboard saying that the new exclusive life jacket club is for those who DON’T set them off 😉 We appear to be keeping station ahead of the other two yachts at the moment, but we still have around 1750 miles to go. Today, we passed into another time zone and we are now 6 hours ahead of you guys, we also are 80 degrees East, and are almost into single figures for days to go and we are finally heading North, slightly! So the excitement levels are just starting to increase as we can see Perth on the chart plotter. The big event for today is the birthday of our fighting arm the Royal Marines. So Happy Birthday fellas, It’s been a pleasure.

24th Oct – For over 2 days the crew of Adventure have been battling against the “Roaring 40’s” with high seas and wind speeds gusting into the mod 50Kts. Flying just a Storm Staysail at times and then with Trysail we have managed to cope with the freezing, wet, tough conditions a pleasant experience it was not, however, we have  proved that as a team we can cope with these extremes at sea and are stronger for it. It’s a good job too, within 48 hrs we are expecting a new deepening low close to out position and with winds in excess of 40 knots F9 no doubt gusting storm force 10 we have more tests of resolve before us. Currently we  are running East at approx 41 degrees South with a following wind 20-30 Kts, 3 Reefs and No. 3 Yankee, Speed 8 Kts.

We are enjoying the sunshine in between the squalls and trying to mend and fix and dry out before the next battle.

Here's HMSTV Challenger surfing a big sea

Shout outs

Hey up Grandad It’s Lee. I know you’ll be the only one who will be checking the website, it’s horrendous but I’ll be glad to complete it. It’s a journey! I’ll drop in when I get back. Tell Grandma I’m getting some culinary experience on the boat, including some tips on flapjacks.

Happy Anniversary Mara love Mike.


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