TRANSGLOBE: A day on board HMSTV Challenger and some personal reflections

Challenger Latest Blog

Approaching the halfway point things are progressing well on board.  Over the last few days we have had the full range of weather from gale force winds to sunny days on deck with the spinnaker flying.  The food has continued to be of a high standard with the freshly made breads raising morale each day.

An Army crew trains on Challenger in quieter waters earlier this year

An Army crew trains on Challenger in quieter waters earlier this year

A day on board Challenger.  The day starts the same way everyday, the mother watch gets up early to prepare breakfast which has been a steady diet of porridge.  Each watch consists of four people.  As one watch eats breakfast another watch is finishing their four hour shift on deck.  The mother watch then gets on with cleaning the boat ready to prepare lunch at 1200 as the off watch catch up on sleep.  After lunch the next watch take over mother watch to prepare evening meal as the other two watches rotate through their 4 on 4 off pattern through to 1200 the following day.

Being on Mother watch gives the crew the opportunity to get their shower every 3 days and catch up on a full nights sleep.  The winds at the moment are working well in our favour speeding along our progress.  There is much discussion on board as to what people are looking forward to when we arrive on dry land.  May the adventure continue…

Nathan Evans: All is going well on board, settled into a good routine now. To Tess,  I am missing you lots.  I hope all is ok at home, I am missing cooking nice food and sitting infront of the fire.  I love you lotsxxx Happy Birthday to Sammy.   Gobeithio mae popeth yn iawn adre gyda Gwilym a Mam, Cariad Cynness

Steve Parsons: Things are great on board especially as the winds have arrived from the West. Having a fantastic on our way to Aus time surfing the waves. I assume David and Lyndsy are now proud parents and all is well with the twins. I certainly know what Log Sp can do next year for Adv Trg and where!! Happy birthday Laura for the 25th. Hope all well at home. Love and missing you lots Mac, take care lots of love and cuddles XXX.

Matthew Wright: Today for breakfast we had porridge it was great just like yesterday the day before the day before that, the day before that and the day before that. Looking forward to getting there know so i may have a different type of porridge for breakfast. The sea here is the same every day blue and wet. Missing you all hope your all ok looking forward to seeing you all very soon Love you all xxxxx.

Shaun Broom: Not had a cigarette now for 10 days fell great, had a good nosh off Colin on day 10, will explain when back lol. Having a great time, was up the mast yesterday, just seeing who was around, but as always just us, weather freezing cold now but kit working well. On mother watch today, just made porridge again like every day and now baking fresh bread.  Missing you loads babe, hope training is going well can’t wait to see you, counting the days love ya loads xxxx

Colin Harrower: Hey Gayle, Reference the Nosh comment above, it’s a South African chocolate bar….Shaun & I had a pact to share each others at certain points along the way to break up the routine eating menu of porridge! Got a fabdabadosi idea for an MC & MB adventure for the Saturday I get back. so don’t plan anything for that day.XOX To my family hope all is well, can’t wait to get to Oz for the Sun and to see LAND. Phone you

Steve Galvin: Still living the dream! Wind is awesome, getting really cold at times but morale is exceptionally high especially when eating porridge for breakfast yet again!. Regards and love to all. “Live Slow Sail Fast.

Hayley Kemp: Well……….it’s been fun!!! Been freezing cold but my fabulous skipper fixed the heating system so now I am toasty.  It’s only taken me 12 days to stop falling around the boat like bambi on ice.  All the guys are still in high spirits so we’re having a ball. The southern ocean has been good to us to be fair.  Missing all my family like crazy and of course my Andy, can’t wait to get to OZ to ring everyone. Hope everyone at 17Regt are well. Speak soon love you all xxxxxx PS. RIP picco the suicidal bird!!!!

Davy Kelly: Hello everyone who knows me.  Life is pretty good in this 14 Berth caravan in the middle of the Southern ocean.  The last few days have been cold but bearable unlike the porridge. Simone and Ollie I miss you loads and will try to get you your Keith Urban album when we hit Oz in just over 2 weeks xxxxxx.  All at HQ UKSC thanks for letting me experience this, its amazing and I might even have to bore you all with endless stories and pics when I get back.

Mike Symes:  hi darling, great news about the ski train, really excited, always has been the most fun way to go. All going well on the boat, great crew, work hard as a team supporting the boat well. Winds have finally come round giving us a sleigh ride, long may it last. Missing spending time with you, can’t wait to call you from Perth. Buckets of love xxx.  Send on my love to Toby.

Antony Finnigan: Hi to all hope everyone is ok ,its got cold the last few days but we are nearly half way through the trip.The only things we see are birds no boats no other life but its different. Hello to Edd and everyone at 234 last thing is a big love to my lovely shell and lovely kids miss you but will see you soon.xxxxxxxxxxx


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