Getting to grips with the rough tough stuff on HMSTV Adventure

Getting to grips with the rough tough stuff on HMSTV Adventure

Finally we have some more news from one of the yachts, HMSTV Adventure, the Royal Navy yacht, en route from Cape Town to Perth on Exercise TRANSGLOBE. Clearly the novice sailors amongst the crew have been suffering badly from seasickness and have only recently come up for air! The weather conditions have already been rough and they will get rougher and tougher. Hold onto your hats!!

Please note that the mapping/tracking is suffering technical hitches and is ‘down’ right now and it is not an overnight job to fix this. Please bear with us as it is being attended to.

16th October

Andy Leaver writes: Only now after eight days at sea have I felt well enough to write anything, so you can gauge by that the time that we and the other novices to sailing are having!

The team is working well with massive efforts for the Skipper and the First Mates, who have really put us to shame. My first week at sailing has consisted of learning how to put sails up and down in heavy seas while holding down my food, also trying to have a shower at a 45 degree angle and sleeping while rocking and rolling. A mistake you only make once, while using the pump toilets in heavy seas I managed to cover my own face in urine, a nice wake up call at 4am.

However, life on board is good and spirits are still high, due to the fact that most of us now can see our own abdominals. Off now to be mother and cook some Lamb Hot Pot for the crew, which is easier said than done with the boat heaving over to the side and having just watched the first mate, “Nic” as I write this cover the galley in Lamb Stock!

45 Cdo beard-growing competition is coming on nicely with Mne “Shagger” Shaw now looking like he should be in Scooby Doo. Just don’t tell the RSM…

Shout Out: To my darling wife “Sarah”, I love and miss you loads, and to the rest of my family and Team Leaver miss you all and look forward to seeing you all sooner rather than later.

Viv Masson (fair weather Betty) writes: After having undergone a serious detox onboard the ‘vomit comet’ (not a diet plan I would recommend) I am over the moon to have finally returned to the land of the living and to have actually met the rest of the crew!  As ‘watch leader’ of the White watch I have been lucky to have had such a supportive team (they even brought me breakfast in bed).  Andy has done a great job looking after things and keeping us entertained along with the other watch members Lee (Cat) and Chris (Feet).   We are now settled into our watch routines and getting some real blue water sailing experience – Goffa (waves) central here and now that we have our sea legs, spirits are definitely on the up.
As I write this we seem to have had a comedy five minutes on board with the Skipper up the mast, lamb stew on the galley floor and the port heads flooded but as always the team have averted any major crisis.

Shout Outs: to my ever supportive husband Neil, my family and the rest of the guys back in VL.  Missing you all (not the work) 

Lee says this trip is not quite the sun bathing expedition he had planned and is currently being showered by salty ‘Goffers’ (Waves to the civvies) day and night, Speedos are firmly packed away, Gill kit is deployed and sun tan lotion thrown overboard.   He also says hi to his beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth and hopes she is doing ok. 

Adam (Blue watch) says how’s it going big Ange and Bob? Beard’s coming on.  Seen a big whale. Stay sweet!

Lee Adams (Blue watch) is sulking because he has been bitten by a winch (still has all his fingers).  Big shout out to the Adams Family.

16th October

Nick Wood / Mate writes: Another day, another dollar, another day, another test of patience and determination needed from all onboard. The weather NNE 30-35 knots True / 40+ knots Apparent, Relative Wind Angle 070-090 deg from the port bow, waves 3-4m. 

As forecasted the wind is beginning to back around and this allows us to build up boat speed and ease the sheets a little. The large swells and breaking crests are on occasion catching us a beam and shuddering Adventure’s strong hull. As I write, Yankee No3 is coming down, leaving us sailing on 3 reefed Mainsail and Storm Staysail. Skipper John has donned his all in one yellow suit to supervise the drop.

Having come off the 0000hrs-0400hrs watch I was afforded 6 hrs sleep last night and feel rested, mother watch have prepared lunch and hit the hay to stave off the ‘malade’. Looking forward to this afternoon, watching this particular band of gusty, rain driven, grey cloud, pass on by. Squalls on the horizon should give way to an easing of conditions later and with this the wind should back N-NW-W allowing us to run before. John has just rigged the ‘preventer’ in anticipation.

Had an interesting time cooking ‘Lamb Stew’ for dinner last night as a breaking wave on the beam caused the worlds largest cooking pot to ‘leap free’ from the stove and nearly straight into the wash basin some 3 feet towards the centre line! Anyhow only lost some broth and covered the galley floor in tasty veg and meat. After a little rescuing and help from the team the meal went down well at serving time.  

That’s it for today, apart from to add that they say “there is no law below 40 degrees and no God below 50”. I for one am glad we are planning to stay above 50. The roaring 40s were beginning to roar just a little last night, giving us a taste of what might come in the weeks ahead. 

Love to Janet, Jonty, Claire, Amber and Sophie.

17th Oct 09

Steve writes: Yesterday can best be described as WET!  In the morning we were pushing along in fairly rough conditions shipping frequent goffas and by the afternoon it was also pouring with rain.  Kit and boat soaking.
 Today is a complete contrast.  The sun is out, there is a following breeze and everything is starting to dry out.   More good news, we cracked the first 1000 miles yesterday.
So we have discovered that we have embarked epic proportions of mayonnaise.  Finding imaginative ways to use that is going to take some thought, especially with no salad (sorry one remaining cucumber).  If anyone has any suggestions (recipes only please) please dispatch via carrier pigeon to the Skipper, HMSTV ADVENTURE, Southern Ocean.  My personal suggestion is that we should all be administered one spoonful a day each.   
Shout out to Diane.  Happy birthday, hope you like the flowers.  I have marked the occasion by putting on some clean dry socks. xx

Hi Sorcha, kids and all, should be 1/3 the way across when you read this. Erin, hopefully I’ll be in Aus by your birthday to give you a call xx.  Steve

17th Oct 09

Nick Wood / Mate writes: YES! AT LAST, wind aft of the beam and the Sun is shining bright, the crew have been soaking up the sun (with lifejackets on), drying kit and clothes. It’s a good job no one can see HMSTV ‘Adventure’ as she currently looks like Madame Twankeys’ floating laundry boat. Fantastic Sailing! We are poled out with 2 reefs and No2 Yankee on starboard tack. Tunes are belting out on the stereo and all on board are unwinding after what was a very demanding 1st week at sea. Looks like the wind will be with us over the next 3 days pushing us ever eastward. The relief is visible on crew faces and for the 1st time smiles have appeared on once furrowed brows.

18th Oct

Well today is not as sunny as yesterday, but the weather is calm and steady, and the boat is much calmer. Between Andy, Feet and the skipper they have managed to cobble together a fishing rig, so fingers crossed for a fresh fish supper J. Yesterday’s weather was a great boost for morale, with a chance to dry out damp kit, and to catch some sun after a week with only brief glimpses. And the good news is that we should keep this weather until tomorrow.
 Another barrier in the miles has been broken, we have less than 3500 miles before we sight land. We have also crossed into the 40 degrees east longitude, so gradually hour by hour, day by day we are getting closer to our destination. There is talk of a sweepstake on our arrival date, so hopefully that will materialize in the next day or so. Another thing to keep our interest going out here!
Hi Mara and Tribe, missing you Mike xx. P.S. don’t delete the Grand Prix. Thanks


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