TRANSGLOBE: We’re all putting our hearts and souls into it

I circulated the ET media database (around 270 press contacts) with the EXERCISE TRANSGLOBE NEWS UPDATE # 8 and all of these updates + excerpts of the blogs (on the event website’s blog pages) can usually be found here incase my news releases don’t make it onto the official website first (quite possible). Currently the website tracking isn’t operating and there’s a holding note on the blog page saying ERROR: This blog is on hold because its bandwidth has been exceeded.

Despite the technical hitches and glitches on the website (all owing to lack of proper funding), what is becoming so clear as we head off on Leg 4, especially for the more novice members of the crews, is how much of a voyage of discovery this really is – the whole idea of TRANSGLOBE is proving to be a winner in terms of getting to grips with steep learning curves and testing skills and determination, courage and relationships, not to mention engendering that all-important trust in each other. Its a formidable challenge that lies ahead with the Southern Ocean to negotiate. What a blistering adventure of a lifetime this is proving to be and I am so proud to be a tiny part of it.

Sqn Ldr Cottrell, who wrote me this delightful email the day after we sent the three yachts off on their first leg to Lanzarote back in July, and who is responsible for running this Exercise, is now on board the RAF yacht Disco battling his way towards the Southern Ocean.

TRANSGLOBE Supporter Babs Powell with Neil Cottrell

My dear Peta,

Last night, for the first time in many months,  I slept well because yesterday we sent three yachts away on the start of TRANSGLOBE with an exceptional send off and only 2 days after a fantastic Patrons’ Day.  I will write a formal letter of thanks to Nick Knowles this week and send it to you to pass on to him.

I and the TRANSGLOBE participants are very lucky that you contacted us earlier this year and offered your services as our Press Officer. Under your direction and expert guidance we have delivered the very best possible Media, Patrons’ and Start Day events that we could on such a shoe string budget.  In comparison to the multi-million sponsorship deals of events like the Volvo Ocean Race and the Vendee Globe, I don’t think we have done at all badly.  I am proud of what we as a team (You, me Andy and Clive) have been able to achieve.  Thank you.

I will try very hard to secure funding so that we can continue to draw on your expertise, energy and enthusiasm right through to the triumphant return of the three yachts next July.  Whatever funding I can secure will never be enough to repay you financially for the commitment and professionalism that you have brought to this enterprise.  Nevertheless, I hope that you know just how deeply grateful I, Andy, Clive and every TRANSGLOBE participant are for having you with us these last few months.

I truly value your friendship and look forward to the post-TRANSGLOBE reception when we can really celebrate the success of this expedition.
Yours, Neil


Our Ambassador, Nick Knowles, on start gun duty. We’ve invited him to do a leg of the TRANSGLOBE next year and he’s considering it but is an extremely busy man these days…


…but not too busy to give your’s truly a cuddle!

Bear Grylls is another of our high profile supporters


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