TRANSGLOBE: The Royal Logistics Corps checks in

The crew of the Army yacht HMSTV Challenger are all from the Royal Logistic Corps and were lucky enough to be selected from a large number of Corps applications.  JSASTC staff skipper Mike Symes is in command and this is his 2nd Leg of TRANSGLOBE having been the RN yacht’s skipper on Leg 1.  He is ably supported by Captain Austin Prendiville as the 1st Mate.  Austin is a qualified Yacht Master Offshore and an accomplished sailor working to achieve his YM Ocean qualification on this passage.

We are delighted to have received their first blog:

Royal Logistics Corps find their sea legs on Challenger log update 10 Oct 09

Following the delay leaving Cape Town waiting for the skippers boots we headed out into the South Atlantic.  For many this was the first opportunity to play with the sails on the Challenge 67 , which are considerably heavier than many have experienced in the past.  With all three yachts under sail it was time to cross the start line and begin the long journey to Perth, Australia.

Much of the sailing conditions were much tamer than we had expected as we made our way south leaving the shores of South Africa behind, for the next month the only land we will see will be that of our arrival in South West Australia.  During our third day at sea we were accompanied by a pod of dolphins bidding us farewell, shortly after a humpback whale broached giving us an impressive display.

Despite the calm sea state this did not stop a few struggle to find their sea legs, there certainly will not be a shortage of fish food along our route.

The crew has now settled into their watches despite some initial confusion over the lengths of shifts, the standard of food has been very high with highlights being Pasta Bolognese and a chicken curry.  Porridge has been our staple starter each day.

The conditions we have experienced at sea have varied greatly from pleasant days to storm condition with 45mph winds. This resulted in the skipper demanding many sail changes. (If he carries on like this we will return ripped and broken). Loving every minute of it.

Hi to my lovely wife Angie missing you like mad, hope you are well, got some great crew, having a good time but some hard times with the lovely weather not, stay safe love ya loads xxx

Hey Gayle, hope your not missing me too much….lol and work aint too bad. I hope your nearly ready for your well earned and deserved week off..xox I’m one of only four people that haven’t been sick yet…yipeeeeee!!.Everyone at work (38 Bde) hope your enjoying the peace and quiet…. unfortunately for you I have to come  back lol!

Hi darling, all going well, crew bonding well, weather what I expected just in the wrong direction. Missing spending time with you far more than anticipated, can’t wait to see you in Sydney love as always. XXXooo.

Hay mum and family, hope all is well back home. All is good here on the boat, the weather has been a pain a few times that is just the Southern Ocean for you. Can’t wait to be setting foot back on land in Perth Australia. Lots of Love from Antoni xxx

To everyone at home especially Tess, we are having a great time out here it is pretty hard and I am still a bit seasick from time to time but getting there.  Tess I can’t wait to be back infront of the fire with you.  I love you lotsxxx

A Big Hello to Simone & Ollie, having a great time!! Speak to you when i get to OZ. xxx

Wife Michelle and kids Millie & Daisy, Family & Friends. Day 5 at sea and im still sick. A big Thanks to 234 Suadron, will be in touch when i finally stop being sick. Xx

Missing everyone back home, but got a great crew to keep me company. I’ve also managed to stay in the boat this time….lol, Hellooooo to everyone at 17 P&M.


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