Getting to grips with number crunching…or not!

It’s a grey day and rather fitting then that I should force myself to settle down and tackle my accounts. This doesn’t take long once I get organised but it is nonetheless very tedious. I’m afraid things like SAGE accounting programmes and not even Excel spreadsheets enter into it. As a sole trader, working on my own for the past 15 years (16 on 1st November) I have always managed my own accounts and done my own VAT returns etc. I do have an accountant to prepare my tax returns and prepare Draft and Final accounts.

I use a Cash Book and a calculator. Perfect!

I am a quick-witted and creative communicator who is more at home with words than figures to be honest. I failed my maths O level thrice and still use my fingers behind my back (no, not to hurl rude gestures at people but to add up and subtract numbers…up to 10!).

Thank god for calculators as I would come hideously unstuck on fathoming percentages without one. When I do the workings out in order to file my VAT returns I have a formula which I have to stick to.

Does it really matter how you get to an answer, as long as it is the right one?


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