TRANSGLOBE: Their voyage of discovery begins on HMSTV Adventure (RN)

We have a brief report to share from HMSTV Adventure being crewed by Royal Navy personnel.

Lt Vivienne Masson (aged 27) will be hoping that her three yacht delivery trips across the Med will stand her in good stead for the long passage ahead. Viv was educated in Cheltenham followed by three years at TS Legion with Cheltenham Sea Cadets and five years at HMS Vivid (Plymouth Royal Naval Reserves). She is based at HMS Heron, Yeovilton.  Adventure’s skipper is a member of the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC) staff and the majority of the crew are Royal Marines from 45 Commando who have recently returned from Operations in Afghanistan.

This is their first blog

The crew assembled in Gosport last Thursday, with quite a few of us arriving on Wednesday as we were travelling a long distance, most notably the eight 45 Commando guys who came down from Arbroath. After a day of briefs and kit issue the crew had a few ‘bonding’drinks in a local pub, with the younger guys adventuring over to ‘Pompey’ to sample the delights.

Bye bye Cape Town

Bye bye Cape Town

We arrived (in Cape Town) late Saturday afternoon after a long 24 hours travelling. The Skipper John was very kind and got us on board, settled us in then we met up with the other crews for an evening meal and mingle. Sunday and Monday involved lots of briefs and training evolutions to get us used to the boat and to start slipping into our watches. Store ship was on Monday, and we now have plenty of food to last us across the Ocean. We were given Tuesday off to go and explore Cape Town, with most shopping at V and A, Cape Town’s answer to Gunwharf, only bigger! The weather denied a lot of the crew a chance to go up to Table Mountain, which this morning we can see clearly! More beer and wine was drunk, and a chance to meet the locals, and to introduce South Africa to the Royals! Today, we are having our last meal on dry land and will slip and precede this morning. Then go on and test everyones sea sickness stamina! Adventure out.


One response to “TRANSGLOBE: Their voyage of discovery begins on HMSTV Adventure (RN)

  1. For Andrew Leaver (Adventure).
    Hi Andrew,
    Hope you have a great journey and enjoy the sailing.
    Will be thinking of you.
    Love Mum and Jim xxx

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