Possibly the last of the mixed messages!

TRANSGLOBE – what a winning formula this is turning out to be

I circulated the ET media database (around 270 press contacts) with my EXERCISE TRANSGLOBE NEWS UPDATE # 8 yesterday evening and all of these updates + excerpts of the blogs (on the event website’s blog pages) can be read here incase my news release doesn’t make it onto the website first.

What is becoming so clear as we start Leg 4, especially for the more novice members of the crews, is how much of a voyage of discovery this really is – the whole idea of TRANSGLOBE is proving to be a winner in terms of getting to grips with steep learning curves and testing skills and determination, courage and relationships, not to mention engendering that all-important trust in each other. Its a formidable challenge that lies ahead with the Southern Ocean to negotiate.

What a blistering adventure of a lifetime this is proving to be.



Meanwhile I am seriously debating whether to change the way I have been blogging so that I separate out my personal opinions and observations as theamuse from my work in PR and the promotion of my clients, their stories, services and foibles! It might make it a little easier for me to write more appropriately, easier for you to follow the bits you are actually interested in and it will make more sense generally. You never know, I might even get into less trouble!

So I need to produce and promote a new blog to support the business side of things. Watch this space, or another space that I’ll let you know about when I’ve sorted it all out so you can keep reading if you’re interested!

On that note, if you have been, thanks for listening…


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