Who are my followers?

Apparently if you shout out http://www.blogsurfer.us you attract more visitors to your blog site? Not sure how you’re supposed to know what sorts of numbers mean you have a decent following as it is.

I’ve been blogging a bit randomly since early August and have had over 1,090 visits.

Is this good, useless or average and does it matter anyway? Yes, it matters to me as to who is infact reading my posts as I am used to writing for a particular audience. It helps me to know the types of people to whom my blog clearly has an appeal (and why!).

The other thing I need to do is to try and persuade people who have read the blog and commented in emails and through other forms of communication how much they love the style – but I need to get them to say these nice things ON THE BLOG so that it helps to keep my readers with me for the journey!

If you have been, thanks for listening…


2 responses to “Who are my followers?

  1. I read it because I value what you say and your opinion!

  2. Here you go!

    I guess 1090 is variously good or bad. Good if the audience comprises the right 1090 for your ambitions (say 1090 budget-holding potential customers would be fun eh?) and bad if you think the blog demands a bigger say out there in the blogosphere.

    I think if you want to build audience then you really have to become specialist in some niche or other and hammer it hard. Suspect it works better, if spanning a series of topics, to set up separate blogs for each, probably each with a relevant URL. Oh yes, and post at least once a day…on each!

    Writing as someone who hasn’t touched his blog (gulp) in way too long and also who blogs about a bunch of disparate things when I do drag my lazy fingers to keyboard I have little expectation of traffic but currently not much need for it either, being gainfully employed on things that I mostly feel unable to blog about out of deference to commercial confidence and out of respect to staff I work with.

    Anyhow, good to see you out there Peta and hope you are surviving the world of restricted budgets. I should be doing a little bit of a marine industry comeback at METS this year, not in any official capacity I hasten to add, if you are about.

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