TRANSGLOBE – chasing down the miles to Cape Town

Latest news as the yachts approach Cape Town.

At the moment, looking at the website’s tracker map, Adventure (Navy) is likely to be in to Cape Town first, followed by Discoverer (RAF) and the tail end Charlie right now is Challenger (Army).

Leg 3 Day 17 Friday 18/09/09
lat 34.3472 S
lng 17.0040E
Speed: 7 Knts
Distance to Cape Town: 81 nm

Leg 3 Day 17 Friday 18/09/09
Lat 34.4144 S
Lng 15.3344E
Speed: 9 Knts
Distance to Cape Town: 149.43 nm

Leg 3 Day 17 Friday 18/09/09
lat 35.2420 S
lng 13.1560E
Speed: 7 Knts
Distance to Cape Town: 270.05 nm

Challenger 17th September

Day 16 on the good ship Challenger dawns with less then 410 Miles to run to Cape Town.  Will it be Friday night or Saturday morning, most of the crew are wishing for Friday Night the realists amongst us have conceded that it will be Saturday Morning. The RAF are some 50 Miles in front of us, all best efforts are being made to amend this indiscretion, although 50 miles is a tall order to close down with such a sort distance to run.  The last few days as seen the weather getting colder and the waves getting larger (winds gusting up to 50 knots were registered last night), this makes helming at night an interesting experience (not knowing when the next wave is going to hit or from which direction), working on the deck in these conditions in the pitch black is very daunting experience, all there is between you and the murkier depths are your harness and the jack stay you are clipped on to, not a place to make mistakes, but it wouldn’t be arduous adventure training without the danger element. Sunrise this morning as seen the wind speed drop off making the chance of catching the RAF much harder. Boiled eggs, fresh baked bread and porridge was served for breakfast setting white and red watch up for the day’s task of running down the RAF (Tally Ho Discoverer (The RAF Yacht) on the Bow 50 miles, all hands to action stations).


Challenger 16th September

580 nautical miles and counting, with growing anticipation of the hills of Cape Town looming over the horizon. Despite the somewhat erratic course from the helm, the sweepstake favours landfall during the early hours of Saturday morning, just in time for Tim to do his fantasy football team for the weekend. After a brief sojourn in the heads, Ross emerged sporting a YMCA-style handlebar moustache, and now the bar has been set for the beard-sporting fraternity on board to respond in kind. Evidence of much too long spent at sea has become apparent, with White Watch making an incredible claim to have spotted, of all things, one of the oft-promised whales (as if such malevolent creatures of the deep exist beyond the confines of wildlife documentaries!) Supplementary photographic evidence will be required before the author will concede to the existence of whales within the confines of this Ocean… Tim

Shout outs: Jerry: Lisa, Guy and Gemma, Dad, Philip, Alison, Alex: Not long too go until landfall. Will be home very soon. My love to you all.

Rob – Sara my love: Can’t wait to see you. xxxx. Bet your diet grub is going better than my current massive carbo overloading. Hope all goes/went well on the ‘girlie’ weekend. To all others at 5 Coy and at HQ – looking forward to pulling up those sandbags (…. this was not a jolly, etc, etc…. ad infinitum). To Mum – looking forward to the Cheltenham Festival.x. To Dad, Jimbo, Jo Jo and extended families – thinking of you and see you asap. Land HO!!

Paul – Hi all, not to long now before you hear my delusive tones once again. We had a pleasant days sailing to day, the sun came out to warm our chilling bones from last night. The waves are being relentless and enjoy throwing us round like a rag doll or is that the helmsman heading the wrong way? With luck you should here from me some time Saturday, love you all.

Mike P – Hi to M&D and Rupert. Looking forward to getting to Cape Town and getting back my phone and e-mail connectivity! Learning lots about sailing so should equip me well for the Day Skippers Cse later next year. Hope all well. Big hi to James W, John B, Jo J, Andy W & Helen C, Debs & Chris L. Miss you all and looking forward to catching up. Planning on getting a hotel in Cape Town for the week or so we are here. M x

Chris – Just helmed in a F9 (if the wind instrument is correct – probably not). Off to bed now. Mum – after two weeks of walking no further than 67ft in a go, I think you will now be able to beat me in a run! Love to the folks, gma and family. Nina – 12 days baby xx.

Becci – Hello there…. living the life of a rock n roll star still!! Missing you loads, hope you’ve purchased some away tickets for before Christmas lil man. Will look forward to catching up soon, love you all loads, Bexta x x x x x x x

Dave – Hello to all. Andy H – great sailing but it seems our lead has been taken by the RAF, still there is 400+ miles to go. Mum – all well here. Hope you are well and will call from Cape Town. Chris B – there will be no baking on our boat in a few weeks! G.Force, Davie C and Andy D – perhaps a more sedate lads sailing trip! Hello to all at work in the Directorate. The Corps Burgee is still flying but alas not currently in the lead – we shall see as this is not over yet and everyone is going for it. After a few weeks of 4 hours on, 4 hours off, I am looking fwd to getting back to work! Sera – hope you are well. Think we will be in Cape Town at sometime on Sat. Looking fwd to seeing you on the 27th. Miss you. Spk soon.x

Jon G. Looking forward to seeing you all. Two more days and we can talk on the phone. I hope the kitchen has not been too stressful and the new car is running well. I miss you all very much (next trip I need to bring some photos of you all). Lots of love to you all Daddy XXX


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