Ex. TRANSGLOBE Challenger blog: RAF 'overtakes' Army

Leg 3 – Day 10 en route to Cape Town

Challenger 11th September 2009

After the RAF decided to up the stakes by putting their up spinnaker yesterday evening and overtaking us, we decided to throw it in all in by putting our spinnaker up… When it was up we were flying, although we decided it was up the wrong way and we were flying by the sheets. We raced head long into the night.

Dinner was accompanied by microwave cake, which was, remarkably, very tasty and enjoyed by all. We’re still having trouble getting the bread mixture to rise perfectly, but I’m sure with time and lots of experimentation we will get there.

This morning we had a whole family of dolphins decide to say hello! They swam happily next to us for a few minutes. Unfortunately we never seem to be able to take any good pictures.

It started gusting mid morning and while members of our crew enjoyed racing the yacht (the skipper beating all in speed over ground) it was time to take down the spinnaker. Another epic challenge successfully under took by the crew. Spinnakers are huge!!

It has turned noticeably chillier as we head closer to Cape Town, but hopefully it’ll be shorts weather when we get there!!!


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