TRANSGLOBE: Disco (HMSTV Discoverer) report sail changes galore

I‘m not at all sure why when the last of this set of blogs is dated 6th September it takes until 9th September to upload them to the event website but there you go! I will ask the question when I phone into the Project Office later. So whilst they’re now here for everyone to enjoy, things will have moved on apace on board since these were transmitted.

Discoverer 3rd September

The weather calmed down today, as did most of our stomachs after last night. We have started to get into the routine of our watch system and white watch, consisting of Andy S, Scoff, Dylan and Helen, had their first experience of cooking on board. In typically appreciative manner, every meal is met with the response: ‘it was better than the rubbish we had last night’.  Blue watch were on deck between midnight and 4am and whilst Gerry, Jules, Andy P and Jez were star gazing, Pam was hit in the eye by a flying fish. Pam is ok but there is no news on the fish at the moment.

Scoff sends his love to all of his family, in particular his wonderfully pregnant wife and he would like to thank her again for authorising this trip! Moooo.

Pam sends her love to Mum, George, Kelly and particularly T xxx

Jez sends his love to Claire, Lauren, and Jordan. He is fine despite losing his glasses over the side on the first night.

Discoverer 4th September

The Army boat, Challenger, is currently 3 miles behind us and dropping back steadily. The Royal Navy (Adventure) have not been heard from but it is believed that they have decided to head further south to look for more wind.   We made a couple of sail changes as the wind varied during the afternoon. Due to the size of the boat, sail changes are very labour intensive, often requiring 2 watches. During the second change we saw a pod of over 100 dolphins off our starboard bow. Unfortunately they didn’t hang around for long and there was no way we could keep up with them. Adam, Gucci and Ned are with Gerry on Red watch and during the evening Adam decided to give a fishing lesson. It lasted no more than 3 minutes before our one and only fishing kit was lost over the side.  It looks like the only fish we’ll be having for the rest of the trip will be coming from a can.

Discoverer 5th September

Today was a mysterious day on Disco. Andy P lost his iPod and it would appear that there is a cupboard on board that magically teleports misplaced items directly back to your bunk after you’ve spent all day looking for them. The other strange thing that happened today was that when Jules woke up it became obvious that the hair on his face had outgrown the hair on his head.  Red watch produced delicious home-made beef burgers for lunch and our meals are a chance for everyone to swap stories of their previous watches. The crew now seem acclimatised to the disruptive sleep patterns and spirits remain high.  It rained slightly during the evening but, importantly, the wind has remained constant and we are making good progress towards Cape Town.

Andy S says hello honey bun, love to Lynn.

Andy P sends his love to all of his girls.

Discoverer 6th September

Today saw the most sail changes so far. It started at 4 am when white watch were playing 20 questions with Rob and Scoff just about to start making the morning bread. The wind picked up slightly and the main sail was reefed. The wind continued to pick up and a head sail change was necessary. This required red watch to be woken early and for them to assist white watch. A ‘goffering’ on the foredeck is a far from ideal way to start the day but each sail change seems to be getting slicker and easier.  During the morning the wind dropped off and larger sails were re-hoisted until eventually the decision was made to fly the spinnaker, the big large colourful sail to all you land lubbers. Becky provided a flawless demo of efficient spinnaker handling and we now feel more confident about flying the largest sail on the boat. Life on board is quite civilised, Gucci has taken to repairing his own clothes. He has used the sail making kit to sew up his old shorts but it’s doubtful that this will be strong enough. Strict adherence to meal plans is something we are still getting used to, so much so that Julian has set up his own version of the secret police to uncover and expose the world’s most evil criminal, the ration thief. Morale remains exceedingly high on Disco ( The Army wasn’t impressed with the Skippers “Brand New Combine Harvester”), although there are still over two weeks to go and no doubt there will be more challenging moments as we get further south into the Atlantic.

Jules sends his love to his Mum, Dad and Sis.

Helen sends her love to all at home and would like to wish John the best of luck in his competition, kick ass babe xxx

Dylan wishes his Mum happy birthday for the 13th and says hello to everyone back home.

Ned sends his love to his wife and kids, Ben,   Jaz and Myles. Doing well in the beard growing challenge, already at level 3, that’s the Brian Blessed look alike!!

Becky is missing Leroy and has yet to find the key to the Combine Harvester.


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