Tim Jeffery: I'd been wondering where he'd got to…

Report courtesy of http://www.yachtsponsorship.com which for some reason wouldn’t allow me to share this using the usual channels of the SHARE THIS button!


AC33 will be the first America’s Cup run in the new world order of social media and citizen journalism, well it would have been – except we are still trying to work out how little things like mobile phone data usage and high speed internet works in the proposed venue. Certainly RAK is a travel booking challenge of the hardest order with the national airline having no website and large consumer travel booking websites like Expedia giving results like:

No transportation was found between London (LON-All Airports) and Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (RKT-Ras al Khaimah Intl.) that matched your request.

Perhaps media rights were on the mind of Alinghi and SNG when they chose the venue. Certainly it would be hard to stop people sending images, tweets and even video directly to the Internet if the race was held in somewhere like Valencia. Last week, Forbes Magazine ran an article about how the NFL is trying to work out a way to stop people tweeting play by play information about games. While fan’s tweets might be protected in the USA under first amendment rights – restricting media content to official (paid for) channels would be much easier in RAK.

Such an environment would seem to suit BMW ORACLE. The team released has released a new video on YouTube, but has restricted its use. The video cannot be embedded in a site like this and comments have also been turned off.

Perhaps things will change with the appointment of Tim Jeffery as BMW ORACLE Racing’s Director, Communications. One of the last writers left covering sailing in national newspapers in the UK, Tim has seen eight America’s Cups and five Olympic Games. As well as being the sailing correspondent for the The Daily Telegraph (London), he writes for other print media like Seahorse and Yachting World.


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