The iShares Cup @ Cowes Week: Chicken and Egg

As is to be expected from the consummate professionals at OC Events, their production of these facts and figures about the impact of their iShares Cup event on this year’s Cowes Week is timed perfectly to further underline the immense value the iShares Cup brings to any potential host venue whilst they’re in the throes of the tender process for 2010.

Presumably the key to guaranteed success for the host venues and for the iShares Cup, the event management and the sponsors, is to be able to guarantee really massive audiences (ideally with plenty of money to spend), a tough one for Cowes Week without a title sponsor bringing in thousands of corporate guests to Cowes. Let’s hope the powers that be who run the great regatta are able to crack this particularly tough nut sooner rather than later, otherwise they could fall foul and miss a 4th year as the UK host.

Speaking of falling foul, it’s a definite chicken and egg situation given the tender process is already underway.

The iShares Cup @ SCW in 2007. Photo: onEdition

The iShares Cup @ SCW in 2007. Photo: onEdition

Economic Impact of Ishares Cup at Cowes Week.

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