TRANSGLOBE yacht Challenger blogs some medical advice!

Challenger BLOG – The final full day of sailing before crossing through the finish gate 60nm out of Rio de Janeiro:

And so the final day at sea is upon us. I believe most of us are saving the euphoria until we are actually alongside. The last couple of days have been rather slow. The end is almost in sight but then again, change the range on the chart plotter and it’s still a long way off.

We had a visit from some large whales today, a poignant reminder of the beauty of the ocean. That being said, I think I speak for most on board when I say that we’ve had quite enough of the ocean!!!

As we near civilisation, some took pictures of passing ships, a timely reminder of the existence of others on the planet.

It’s difficult to sum up the past three weeks. I guess “emotional” comes close. 14 people stuck on a small boat at sea for 3 weeks. No pubs, no takeaways, and no choices. A significant test of patience, stamina and character for all.

The only real tantrums occurred when one person missed out on fruit salad and another missed out on blackcurrant juice. Unfortunatley they just happen to be the Mate and Skipper who work tirelessly to keep the yacht working and on track. We really should not have forgotten the bosses so we deserved an ear bashing. I guess that’s as good a reason as any for a tantrum?!

On behalf of all, thank you for this superb opportunity and thank you to all aboard for making it as good as it could be.

Finally, thank you to all who have supported us, missed us, or may have been grateful for the peace and quiet during our little adventure.

Good luck to the remaining participants. Bring lots of books, lots of patience and above all else, bring Challenger home first across the line.


Please be aware that upon repatriation, your loved one may display some or all of the following symptoms:

A short while after falling asleep they may have an urge to reluctantly drag themselves out of bed and attempt to dress whilst standing on one leg and throwing themselves around the room.

Once dressed, they will likely head to the bathroom and again throw themselves at the walls on the way. When in the bathroom, they may urinate in the general direction of the toilet, sink or even themselves.  This may be followed by a desire to wander outside and stare vacantly up at the night sky for 4 hours before returning to bed and repeating the process.

Other symptoms may include hiding food, rationing blackcurrant juice, eating corned beef, eating hot dogs, eating corned beef and hot dogs,  an allergy to showers and burbling gibberish whilst foaming at the mouth.

Do not be alarmed. These side effects will pass in the fullness of time…..J


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