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One of the many messages from HMSTV Challenger currently sailing in the Exercise TRANSGLOBE on Leg 2 from Lanzarote to Rio de Janeiro:

Check this one from Smarty (written 8th August) and all the others out at

With light winds and a pretty much uneventful day, an amazing chilli con carnie was about to be served for dinner cooked by yours truly (Smarty), when there was a shout from above. “DOLPHINS, HUNDRENDS OF THEM”. The whole crew rushed to the deck. For miles around us we could see more and more dolphins coming towards us from all directions.  We also saw a few baby dolphins swimming with their mothers. They stayed with us for around an hour.

Tonight was quiz night.  Held by the Navy team, they won.  Shock horror……the next quiz is from our good selves. Any good questions???

During the quiz we were visited by several pilot whales who had a small escort of Dolphins.

Night Fishing:  The competition for “fishing without any lines” has heated up.  Even the Mate has taken interest; a “flying fish” decided to try hit the Mate but missed his head by a matter of inches. Several more fish tried to hitch a ride, Pte Lee Boocock leapt into action, offering to return the fish to the sea. He soon changed his mind when he found out that fish could move!!

Shouts Out:

  • ·         Hi Jan, home as soon as I figure out where Rio is, Love you lots, Tony the skipper and hi to 2nd wife Bex.
  • ·         Fiona, Alex and Herio,  Lots of love from Brian.
  • ·         Mum and Dad, feeling very sick but love you loads Oli.
  • ·         Hello to everyone that doesn’t know me. Chris.
  • ·         Dad & Ann, Mum & Gary, Hey guys its hot out here so far, so the tanning competition is on!! Lol.  Love you lots David.
  • ·         Hi to every one in New Zealand, Australia, and around the world who is looking out for me.  Damian
  • ·         OK; so I don’t get into trouble, hello to me mam and me da and emers. xo. Chris
  • ·         Hi Mum, Pat, Ollie and all the family following back home, all is well, see you at the end of the month (ish), Peter x
  • ·         Hello mum, love you lots, not fallen overboard yet so all is good. Simon.x.
  • ·         Hello Dad, Jules & ziggy having an amazing time and looking forward to opening my birthday card from you all soon. Miss & love you lots Melza xxx
  • ·         A wee message for mum and dad and rest of the MacKay family, as ever thinking of you all up north. Hope all is well, be in touch very soon. Love as ever from the deep blue. Dx
  • ·         A big hello to Steve, Jackie, and the lads and especially mems, hope your well poppet, and things at home in the shire are good, lots to share, and so many manys to give. Always in my thoughts. Dx
  • ·          Hi monkey chops, I love you and miss you very much, can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.   Kyle, hi son, love you lots, hope your hand is getting better so you can get a job!! Dad, lots of love to you, keep on raving !! Rhona, Mike and family, hope all is well with you in the Highlands. Pat and Steve, hope your keeping my wife fed whilst the chef’s away!! Stuart and Joan, Pete, Jenna, Lucy and Katy take care of Auntie T for me. Hello to the Strideys, hang in there Ryan.  Hi to all the Cue t’s gang, Daz and the snooker team, Rob Wilson (if I don’t make it back, don’t forget you owe me £400!!) Martin, Pat and family. Hope your recovering well Martin. Hi to the Regiment and the Ops team, don’t miss you one little bit!! We are all doing well, settled into the routine. No seasickness and no real tantrums so far. Roll on Rio. Love to you all. Dutch/Neil xxx

This is the latest blog dated yesterday, August 10th, from Challenger:

Once again we have been joined by some whales. A group of them have been playing around the bow of the vessel and jumping in the bow wave.

With very light winds we raised the spinnaker. To do this you have to- heave in, let go, pull, stop, pull up, go down, push, twist, grab it, not that one, or that one, pull harder, stop, start, stop, sit down, stand up, leave it, I said leave it, oh for God sake I’ll do it, etc etc. I’m sure it’s quite easy really. We’ll probably have a fair idea in 3000 miles time.

We had Tapas for lunch. It would appear Tapas is Spanish for anything that looks like its about to go off!!

Gurnos, Smarty, Kiwi and Olly made a cracking dinner. Pork chops with gravy, mash and veg, with home made crispy cake to follow.  A great moral boost. We added to the mood with our first can of coke since we left. I think everyone has a caffeine rush going on as they can’’t stop laughing.

Ruck has kept us amused with his skills on the wheel. First, he stares intently at the compass, under no circumstances does he look any where else. Then when the needle moves, he turns the wheel violently the other way, to compensate, he falls over.  A most unusual technique.

Lee was showing signs of a beard coming through today however, a light gust of wind put paid to his efforts.


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