TRANSGLOBE Blog from Discoverer

Publishing courtesy of Exercise TRANSGLOBE Discoverer 1st blog on Sat 08 Aug 2009 11:35 AM BST

Days four and five.

We set sail from Playa Blanca in Lanzrote and headed down the coast of Fueruventura  heading towards Gran Canaria and the sailing was good, we had good winds and no surprises for the first 12 hours. The crew are all starting to get the sea legs and the routine is setting in. Couldn’t ask for better conditions and most people were spending half their time putting sun cream on and keeping their hats on. After a few hours the watch system kicked in and Red watch took control whilst green watch headed for their bunks in need of a little kip, got to keep the beauty sleep us as much as possible or else things could get extremely grumpy. Conditions were still good until the wind died in the middle of the night so green watch hand to get their towels out the help the boat along (not really) we used the engine to keep the speed up. Green watch went off shift and all was still fairly calm and the head sail was still down, about an hour in 35-40 knots of wind(which is pretty windy) suddenly picked up behind the boat and the conditions got a little rough to say the least, most of red watch were soaked threw and even the skipper was out of his bed, at one point he was at the helm and holding the bimini (canopy to shade from the sun) down with his free hand, unfortunately to no avail and the bimini collapsed.

Green watch were getting ready and Mother watch were making breakfast whilst in pretty rocky conditions but all was well and the conditions calmed enough so Red watch could dry off a little bit and get  their heads down in their bunks. Today has been pretty good, 20-25 knots most of the time, did some storm sail and main sail training which is quite hard work at times, but it was worth it because we have just had a lovely curry for tea made by mother watch even there was lots of crashing and banging around they still managed to make a really good tea. Time for a bit of admin and hopefully a little bit less of a rocky night (but you never know)!! Ta ta for now.


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