Exercise TRANSGLOBE – not left Lanzarote yet


Further to my information about Leg 2 of TRANSGLOBE starting today, I now gather that whatever the plan might be on paper, the yachts will in fact not start the 2nd Leg until the skipper of each yacht is entirely satisfied that the boat and crew is prepared and ready to depart!

An Overview – courtesy of Sqn Ldr Neil Cottrell, Project Officer, Exercise TRANSGLOBE

The Leg 1 Crews completed their passage to the Canary Islands and enjoyed some local area sailing and R&R.  We would like to thank all the people who supported them during their time at Lanzarote.  They have now handed the yachts over to the Leg 2 Crews and this is the overview of the start of their Leg on Exercise TRANSGLOBE.

The three skippers flew to Lanzarote early on Friday 31st July to begin the handover briefings between the Leg 1 and Leg 2 skippers.  The remaining personnel for Leg 2 gathered at the Project Office, Fort Blockhouse later that day.  The RN crew for ADVENTURE are mostly from BRNC Dartmouth, the Army crew are all members of 17 Port and Maritime Regiment and the RAF crew are from a number of different units.  They were issued with their Gill clothing and received a full briefing on all aspects of their participation in the Lanzarote to Rio de Janeiro leg.  Each crew received a full safety equipment briefing at JSASTC and took the opportunity to visit ENDEAVOUR, the fourth Challenge 67 yacht, before heading off to Gosport for those last minute, essential purchases.

Very early on Saturday morning, Clive Cooper ensured that the crews boarded a coach to Manchester Airport for their Monarch Airways flight to Lanzarote.  The flight was slightly delayed but Andy Scott was there to meet them and complete the transfer to the yachts in the Marina.  They had crossed the paths of the Leg 1 crews who were waiting in the departure lounge for their return flight on the same aircraft following a rapid turnround.  (The Leg 1 crews arrived back in Manchester at 0100 on Sunday and completed the journey to Gosport to hand back foul weather clothing and then headed home.)

Following their first night’s sleep aboard their respective yachts, the Leg 2 Crews began their training on Sunday 2nd August and will be preparing to leave the Canaries as soon as the boats are provisioned and the crews are ready for the 3,600nm passage to Rio.  The island of Lanzarote is not affected by the forest fires reported on the TV news this weekend, but if families of the Leg 2 crews have any concerns then please contact the duty Project Team member on 07919 299526.

The crew blogs will be uploaded to the official website at http://www.exercisetransglobe.com but the site is restricted in the band width and air time that they can use to two data bursts per week.  That means that you will see 4 blogs appear, followed three days later by another 3 and so on during the passage.  It also means that we cannot send photographs via the Iridium system, but they will be captured and posted as soon as they reach Rio.


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