With its proven reliability within the racing fraternity, the NXR System now ticks every box for every type of sailing

Nexus Marine AB, a global player in the design and manufacture of navigation instrumentation for racing and cruising yachts, has announced the launch of a new large digit repeating instrument – the XL20 – into its family of NXR instruments.

Designed by Nexus specifically for use as part of the NXR instrumentation system, the XL20 completes the NXR range and allows Nexus to offer comprehensive packages for yachts measuring over 35ft.  With the XL20 on board, NXR now covers the full spectrum of racing and cruising navigational requirements.

Thoroughly tested on the international racing scene, the NXR has been designed to act as the central nervous system on high-performance boats, and represents the best in state-of-the-art performance measurement and analysis.

The XL20 features 45mm digits, larger than most instruments of this size, for ease of reading on large yachts. Their first class readability is further enhanced by their crisp presentation. The XL20 offers selectable red or green background lighting to separate instruments and allow the crew to differentiate key datasets. The XL20 is fully programmable from the navigation workstation.

The powerful Nexus network is at the heart of the system, processing huge amounts of acquired data and its presentation in real-time, when and where it is required. New Multi-Control Displays allow users to choose their own preferred display combinations and parameters, while the large clear mast displays keep the entire crew locked on to those all-important performance indicators.

With the Nexus NXR system, seeing is believing!  Contact Nexus Marine head office or your nearest NXR specialist dealer for an on-the-water demonstration.

Technical Specifications: Voltage: 10-16V
Current consumption: 8mA
Dimensions: 155x133mm
Weight: 396g
Nexus Network: yes
Rate: 8Hz

Features: •  Inverted LCD with high light output makes the display easy to read at night without any risk of loss of night sight
•  Choice of red or green background light separates instruments and allows crew to differentiate key datasets
•  Easy-to-read lead text ensures that viewers recognize which function is displayed
•  Multi-language/customized options for lead text

RRP excl. VAT: Euro €990, Sterling Pound £755.00.

The XL20 is available from Nexus dealerships around the world. More information about the Nexus worldwide dealer network can be found at: <>

Within the UK and Ireland, the NXR System and new XL20 instrument is distributed by Diverse Yachts <>

The Nexus XL20 completes the NXR system

The Nexus XL20 completes the NXR system


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