What's the Point?

I was sent an unsolicited email in mid-July asking if I was interested in attending a meeting with a national news consultancy who regularly hold meetings around the country with PR agencies and Account managers – well I went along this morning; a 45-minute drive each way to avoid the New Forest Show traffic and I met with a very nice lady who apologised because the main news man (the chief consultant with 20 years’ experience) was late – by about 15 mins for my hour-long session. Anyway, she and I had coffee and talked about this and that.

When he finally turned up he was clearly tired, he looked bored rigid to be honest and he didn’t ask me any questions about me, my background, my business or my clients. Hmmm! All a little strange given that the initial email had suggested to me that he was meant to be ‘available to evaluate my current national press campaigns, offer clear-cut feedback and brainstorm general ideas‘.

I have since dropped the very nice lady a line to say thank you but also to let her know that I felt it was a bit of a waste of all of our time and that the male consultant with 20 years’ experience left me feeling as though it was all a little too tedious for him. I’m left with a jaded impression. They only had three appointments set up for the day with a nice lunch presumably in between at a lovely hotel. I went back to doing what I do best – media liaison and communicating on behalf of my clients.

I lined up a national newspaper sports feature writer to go sailing on a Farr 65 (a boat!) during Cowes Week for a colleague of mine. Half the job done!


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