At the end of July I am going to have to cease working on my favourite PR project, Exercise TRANSGLOBE, because they can’t afford to pay me any longer. As it is I have been working on a much reduced rate for the past few months. This is a very sad and somewhat ridiculous state of affairs given the snow balling effect my PR efforts are actually having in terms of raising awareness.

Have a look at this – http://www.yachtsponsorship.com/index.php?s=Exercise+Transglobe

I am gutted and unless someone can come up with some spondoolicks, there won’t be any more updates or news reports from me on the subject.

This story has everything going for it; joint services, adventurous training, all ranks, genders and ages; the largest-ever joint services exercise and the resurgence of three of the original British Steel Challenge yachts doing their stuff around the world via 13 stopovers and 12 months and 550 individuals benefitting for the experience. BUT NO MONEY TO PAY ME TO PR IT!

If anyone reading this would like to contact me about funding the PR for Exercise TRANSGLOBE for the next 11 months, then please do so ASAP.


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