Such is life. RIP Iain Sutherland

Such sad news of the passing of author, broadcaster and PR consultant, Iain Sutherland.

Iain was always a great advocate for my particular brand of PR, right from the word ‘go’! He wrote a couple of extremely nice nice things about me in Boating Business magazine when he was its Editor – many moons ago now; and he has also since recommended me to a couple of clients, one of whom I still work with, Scorpion RIBs. He was gracious and good. This is an excerpt from a brief OBIT on the YJA website. Please note that as far as I am aware, Boating Business is based in Fareham, not Poole, despite what it says below!

South Coast writer and broadcaster on sailing affairs, Iain Sutherland died on July 13 after a short illness, at the age of 65.

He had been a member of the YJA since 1994 and had an avid interest in  sailing and an extensive knowledge of the boat building industry, being a regular columnist for Poole based magazine, Boating Business.

Iain lived at Lymington, Hampshire and enjoyed his sailing interests through membership of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club and the Lymington Town Sailing Club. He was a sailing committee member of the town club, and both participated and helped organise dinghy and keelboat racing in the Solent, and sailed his own 22ft cruiser, Scrumpy Jack.

But 30 years ago he had a passion for big boat racing competing as crew in the Fastnet, US Onion Patch Series and the Southern Cross series in Australia, including the Sydney-Hobart race.

He is survived by his lawyer wife Suzanne, and two grown up children, Daniel, also a solicitor and Katie, a midwife..

The funeral is at Walkford, Christchurch on Friday, July 24, followed by a gathering at the Lymington Town Sailing Club.


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