Not stress-less yet!

It’s a really weird and slightly unsettling feeling knowing that Cowes Week is going ahead without ME, let alone a title sponsor this year!  I was its Press Officer for eight great but long years and I worked every day, virtually every week throughout the year, on this great regatta. Last year in tandem with Skandia leaving, I felt it was time to hang up my deck shoes and move on.

I have moved on, mostly. I somehow can’t seem to shed the whole Cowes Week thing completely though. My working life between February and August has always been full to the brim with work, stress, worry and extraordinarily enough, there’s still some of the latter even though my work life has quietened down considerably. The stress is still there as if it is expected of me…or I expect it of myself!

I have been filling my time since April working with the lovely team at Exercise TRANSGLOBE (ET) and they have made me feel so welcome. Between us we have achieved so much but I have been ranting on about the lack of national news and feature coverage for this initiative which I personally feel deserves a better airing.

Unfortunately, ET has no funding to continue to pay me now that the yachts have departed on their round the world voyage. If I do the work it is pro bono. It’s SO worth working with them though because they appreciate everything I do. Now that IS refreshing after 26 years in this game!

Next project is Southampton Boat Show and a launch for Scorpion RIBs of their fabulous new 6.5m and maybe some writing – blogs, a book, who knows?


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